Community, Reinvented

“Community, Reinvented” is a movement inspired by a Gartner report that 70% of organizational efforts will fail to create custom digital experiences for customers and members the first time.

We are taking the traditional ideas of the community experience, and the way it fosters engagement, collaboration, and commerce and making it digitally accessible so that any Business or Organization can thrive digitally, and avoid the risks and investments that a custom Digital experience  requires.

Let’s Build Community together.

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Connection, Made Easier.

A Community Cloud makes Connection and Monetization Easier!

Imagine having a group of super fans who are excited about your brand and want to share it with their friends. These connections not only drive sales, but they also create a sense of belonging for everyone involved. And that’s where a Community Cloud comes in! It’s the space for your super fans to collaborate, build trust and form relationships which helps grow any business or organization and amplify your reach!

“A Foundation to Flourish”

A Community Cloud Makes custom Digital experiences  Easier!

A Foundation to Flourish is like having your own team of strategy and delivery experts who co-create custom digital experiences with you.

Think of our team and the community you create as a trampoline – a trampoline that gives any digital experience  the bounce and support it  needs to soar! And that’s exactly what any business or organization needs, a custom digital platform – that they can build on, to connect with more people, offer more services, and make more money!

Community, and being able to access it, is like having a secret weapon for your Organizations  success!

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Cloud Community

The Community Cloud is a platform that makes it easier for Organizations to connect and engage with audiences at scale.  

A Cloud Community is like a hassle-free virtual hangout spot! And it is scalable community management without technical concerns which is a great way for any small Businesses and Organizations to become a platform business.

As an added bonus, A Cloud Community is also a space where people experience belonging and connection. It gives you the option to connect different locations under the same brand, systems and processes, while giving each location the ability to  operate independently, but all are connected under a common brand and mission. We call it Centralized Governance and Distributed Management!


No-Code Website Builder.

Launch Your Community – Code-free!

With our intuitive platform, you can create and launch your website within minutes using our hassle-free, no-code website builder. No technical expertise or professional assistance is needed!

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A Reimagined Digital community Experience for Customers and Members

An all-in-one Community Experience

Every Business or Organization, no matter its size, benefits from a community experience. 

Studies have shown that businesses with strong communities see an average of a 20% increase in sales! It’s time to build your community and elevate your business to new heights! 

Use the  Community Portal and Mobile app (coming soon), to seamlessly connect with super fans, monetize engagement, and unlock revenue streams . 


I am Ready To Build My Community 

Earn with Community!

Maximize your earning potential and Organizational impact by harnessing the power of your business relationships. Generate substantial ad revenue by partnering with Organizations eager to promote their meetings, offerings, and opportunities to your thriving community, and  turn your network into a lucrative source of recurring income.

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Vendor Marketplace

Reap the benefits of subscription revenue and complementary offerings. Collect subscription fees from Partners that want to sell directly to your Community —all without sharing / selling your valuable data.

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Cloud Communities

Join the growing number of businesses that see community as a value creation network.

Get More of Make Doing Easier

Alumni Communities

A safe and secure space to share and keep graduates or ex-employees up to date with your organization and its progress.

Membership Communities

Upgrade from a membership management solution to a Cloud Community and allow members to connect and engage with you and each other.

Religious Communities

With a Cloud Community, a congregation has the tools to stay connect and inspired between services.

Business Communities

Give customers, friends, supporters, prospects, and employees the tools to easily connect, engage, and support any business.

Mission Driven Communities

A Cloud Community is perfect for not for profit and mission driven organizations because it makes it easy for donors, supporters and people you serve connected and informed.

Personal Communities

Stop sharing your digital self on platforms you do not own. Start a Cloud Community, own your data, insights, and invite people to join you in a safe and secure place.