Community as a Digital Experience.
Make it easier to, consolidate audiences, build community, and monetize a following
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Contacts and leads are Community Guests
Start a business transaction or join as a Community Guest
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Customers are
Get access to exclusive content, groups, offerings, discounts
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Employees are Professionals & administrators.
Manage and keep track of Member activity, bookings, and services
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Business partners are Advertisers & Vendors.
Advertise or sell directly to your Community Members
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What You Get

Website Builder

Build professional-looking and mobile-optimized web pages instantly without writing code.

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Web and mobile Community Portal

Have a private and secure space for members to make purchases, connect and share authentically using any device

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Business Directory

Charge ad revenue from businesses that want to advertise to your audience members and website visitors.

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Private Marketplace

Collect subscription fees from vendors and allow them to sell direct to members - all without sharing member information

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Who We Serve

Our Benefits

Save Time & Money

Avoid the large investment in time and money custom software projects need to provide a digital experience.

With this one platform, you get rid of several account subscriptions and reduce the time of having to re-enter data across different tools.

Increase Engagement & Revenue

A Cloud Community is a higher level of engagement.

We provide the context so that you can create content that your members can access while sharing authentically and safely in one platform.

Trust and Security

With great digital experiences, you encourage customers to buy again, pay more for your product or service, and trust the brand in the long run.

A Cloud Community allows you to amplify and extend that trust to safe and secure spaces for people to be their authentic selves.

Unlike social media accounts, this platform does not sell your data, or force you to compete with advertisers for your member’s attention.

Who uses Community Cloud?

Experience The Community Cloud on any device

Works on all major platforms, enabling you to work seamlessly across your browser, mobile device, tablet, and computer.