October 2020 Release

New Search Commands

  • Type “// invite members” into the global search and you are presented with the invite member dialog.  Now you can invite a member to join your community from anywhere.
  • Type “// import” into the global search and you are presented with the Import Member and Import Professionals search command options.  These are bulk import processes to add members and professionals.

A member is anyone that can log into an online community.  A Professional is someone that works for, or on behalf of a Group or Small Business.

Web Builder 2.0

We are making it easier to create professional websites by improving the drag and drop feature of the web builder.  We have also added 5 new web components.  

User Activity Log 

We have introduced a member activity log section that keeps track of the members activities in your community. We believe this will help you identify the level of engagement of members in the community and strategize on improving engagements and collaborations.

You can filter user activities by specific user, period of time, nature of action and community modules which helps provide more detailed information about user activities. 

Email Address Change 

We have had our community members request that they would like to have options to change their login credentials for their community. Now, users can change their email address, for this:

  1. Go to the contact details section under Admin in the user profile menu.
  2. Click edit and you can see the option to change email.
  3. Click on the option and put the new email address, you will receive an email on your new address and follow the steps to make the necessary changes.

Meeting Enhancements 

  • You now have the option to remove the members from the attendee list who did not respond to the meeting invite or members who are not attending the meeting. 
  • While creating meeting agendas, you now have the option to create new agenda or copy agendas from prior meetings and edit them according to your requirements.
  • While the agenda is in draft or feedback, you can drag and drop the ordering of each section of meeting agendas.
  • When you complete your community or group meetings and create meeting minutes, you will now be able to access the minutes from the documents section in your community or your group. When viewing the community documents page, the minutes will be listed as a link with name domain_agenda_date. When viewing the group documents page, the minutes will be listed as a link with the name groupname_agenda_date.

Minor Improvements

  • Link a document to a group to share with the group members.
  • Upon login, Administrators are notified of pending new member registrations.
  • We’ve made it easier to view projects and tasks on the activity calendar.
  • Added a new email template that you can customize when someone is added to your community.