February Release

Hi Community Leaders! Happy 2021!

In this new version of The Community Cloud, we have introduced new navigation and improvements to our engagement and collaboration tools.


The goal is to save you time and make it easier to access the most used features. Here is a brief overview of the improvements that we have made

  • Main Menu– The main menu has moved from the left of the screen to the top of the screen.
  • Profile Menu – Click your profile picture and access the most important features. Quickly access profile, community, admin, and one-time setup features.
  • Search – The search is now an icon. Click the icon and it will expand to the interactive search.
  • Member Filtering & Search – Members are listed by last name and can be grouped with the quick filter tool.  There is a floating admin menu for access to common administrative tasks.

Task Boards

Task boards are available to Groups, workshops, events, and to Communities.  Task boards are an easy way to stay on top of the work that needs to be done.  To see how they work, check out this quick video.

Shareable Documents links

Cloud Community documents are owned by a Location or a Group.  When a document is owned by a location, then it is visible to members that have the same membership level as the document.  When a document is owned by a Group, then it is visible to the members of that group.

There are times when a document needs to be shared with people outside the location or group.  To enable this, we have added Document Shares. The Document Share has two options, Share with Member and Share by Link.

Use the Share with Member option to share a document with members of different membership levels, or with members outside the Group.  Use the Share by Link to share the document with people outside the community.

Sharing Documents

  1. Go to the document you want to share,
  2. Click the document menu and select Share
  3. The Document Share window appears
  4. To share outside the community, use Share by Link.  To share with members within the Community, find the members and share it.