September 2020 Release

Website Builder 2.0

Welcome to website builder 2.0.  It’s easier, user friendly and simple. 

We have moved from website themes to page types and page components. There are three (3) page types.

  • Community – these are predefined pages with predefined layouts.  For example, the member page type will list members and their profile, events will list events, and training will list training.
  • Custom – create a custom page by dragging, dropping, re arranging, and customizing components as you see it.
  • Redirect – these are DNS redirects.  Create a URL and it will redirect all traffic to your desired location.

New Components & Component Buttons

We have added new Website builder components that will make your pages look dynamic and support your lead generation efforts.

For components that use buttons, you can now turn on the lead form.  Turning on this option will present a lead generation form to capture information from interested parties.

Check out the component library for new ways to keep your website fresh.  

Landing Pages
We are really excited about this.  Now you can build stand alone marketing pages for any campaign you are running.
To access landing pages, type landing in the search and build your landing page.

Member Profile updates

My workshop has been renamed to My Activities, and updated to to show all member purchases and event RSVPs.  Use the Activities filter to quickly find past purchases too.  

Check out this change by:   

  • Log into the portal and select your profile button on the top right corner.
  • Select ‘My Activities’ from the screen.
  • You can see the list of all the activities you have participated in.

Minor Bug fixes & improvements

  • Minor navigation improvements
  • Corrected grammatical and spelling errors