July 2020 Update

New Features & Enhancements

Professional profiles 

Certifications are used by accreditation organizations to track accredited members and to build community.  Other organizations use certifications to keep track of who can perform a service on behalf of the organization.

To have a professional appear in the service booking, simply turn on their bookable feature from the professionals profile.  Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to the members profile
  2. Click the admin tab
  3. Make them bookable

Navigating The Cloud  

With over 25 community tools, and 120 points of customization, we constantly are trying to make it easier to navigate The Community Cloud.  Here are some improvements we are excited to share with you

  • Community Search 2.0 – Now you can search for command, members or community post topics, or do a general search from one place. Type / to get a list of commands.  Here are some of your choices
    • // – type //, and The Community Cloud will give you a list of menus
    • /m – type /m MEMBER NAME, EMAIL, or PHONE NUMBER, and The Community Cloud will give you a list of members.
    • /t – type /t POST TOPIC, and The Community Cloud will give you a list of posts for the selected topic. 
  • Shares – What’s Happening, is now Shares.  Members can make posts, share pictures and videos across a network, within a community, groups, workshops, events, and on member profiles.
  • offerings – We have grouped ‘Events’, ‘Trainings’, ‘Bookings’ and ‘Shop Now’ which were on the previous left hand side menu into a single ‘Offering’ menu. Now you can search all the community offerings from the offerings tab. 
  • Easy Add – click the plus icon to quickly add to your cloud community.

Member  profiles

  • About Me – we’ve cleaned up the member profiles and have made it easier to see important member information in one place.  Here are the new additions
    • Household Block– this block shows member profiles that share a household. These are the people that the members enroll into a workshop and make a purchase on their behalf.
    • Promo code Block– this block shows a member’s active promo codes and you can easily access their historic assignments. 
    • Certification Block – this block appears on professionals and will list the services they can perform on behalf of the community.  You can quickly add and remove certifications too.
  • Member profile Tabs – We’ve logically grouped member information into tabs and renamed “Back office” to admin. 

Start a conversation – We have added a ‘send message’ section inside a ‘member profile’ section from where you can instantly start a conversation with the member.

Calendar of Activity

We call it activities for short. With this enhancement anything that goes on the community or group calendar is treated as an activity. Now you can easily add new events, workshops, meetings, and deliverables to the calendar.

Minor Fixes and improvements

  • Corrected grammatical and spelling errors
  • Streamlined form creation pages.
  • Fixed small designs and navigation issues.
  • Fixed small image issues.
  • When a new member joins the community, the current members will be able to see that the new member has joined the community from the Shares feed.
  • Now all community members have access to the search menu, however the offering search is restricted to permission.
  • A link has been added to auto post on feedback.
  • The map issue while creating events or workshops has been fixed.