August 2020 Releases

Website Builder 2.0

We have worked to bring you a powerful, yet simplified website builder for your community. Now, building beautiful websites for your online community is just minutes away with our simple drag and drop website builder.

With the new website Builder, you can:

  • New Community Pages – These are web page templates that make it easy to share information on your community website. 
  • New General Page – Now you can build your own webpage with drag and drop components.
  • Menu Redirects – Add a menu to your community website that will redirect to another website or page. Add and remove pages from the footer and main menu.
  • Website Menus – we have replaced website themes with Menus.  Change your website in minutes by selecting a website menu.

Landing Pages

We have not been this excited in a while.  Landing pages make it easy to build a stand online website that you can easily include in your marketing automation plans.  Now, you can drive new members to your landing page and convert them into purchasing and offering or joining your online community.

  1. Go to universal search menu, type // Landing and select Landing Pages
  2. The system presents a list of landing pages.
  3. Create a new landing page, and drag and drop the components and customize it as needed.
  4. Don’t forget to press save, and you’re done.

Community Tool Management

Did you know that each cloud community has over 51 community tools across 7 categories? 

Yeah, we were suppressed too!  Then realized that not everyone will need all 51 community tools, so we created the tools menu options, that allows you to turn off the Community Tools you don’t want to use.

  1. Go to universal search menu, type // Tools and select Manage Tools
  2. The system presents the Manage Tools page.
  3. turn on/off the tools as required
  4. Don’t forget to press save, and you’re done.

Community Bookings

With this enhancement, Members can now book 1 or more time slots.  This enhancement will save members time when booking a service or a professional to provide the service.

If your community is built around a service, like a Barber shop, or a professional training organization, members can make bookings for themselves and for minors or members of their household.

Adding services made easier

We are always looking for ways to make doing easier.  Now The Community Cloud will remember the required information from the last service that you added, so that you don’t have to.  Simple change what is not applicable and click save.

Community Meetings 

If you’re like us, you might agree that meetings are a necessary evil.  That is why over the next few months we will rethink ways to make meetings fun, or at least make it easier to create, find and share agendas, minutes actions and motions.

This month we made the following improvements:

  1. Agenda notifications – when the agenda is out into a status of Feedback, participants are notified and are able to add comments and attachment to an agenda item.  
  2. Planning Meetings – we have added the Link To attribute.  Now you can create a meeting and link it to a group, workshop or an event, and all members will be selected by default. 
  3. Editing Minutes – now you can edit meeting minutes/notes for adjourned meetings.

Minor fixes & Improvements that will save you time

  • Click a calendar activity and interact with it pop-up or browser window.
  • With the quick create icon ‘+’ you can now create products & services as well.
  • Streamlined form creation pages.
  • Minor navigation improvements
  • Corrected grammatical and spelling errors
  • Workshop transfers, now one email is sent instead of two.  Don’t ask why we did it that way.  Now, there is 1 less email being sent.  For adult workshops the transfer email is sent to the participant, for minor workshops, it is sent to the guardian on file.
  • The google map issue while creating activity has been fixed, now you can select location of your activity from the map.