Q2 2020 Member Portal Update

Enhanced search

One search for everything.  Type / and select from the below search options and you will be presented with matching results.

  • Menus – as you type you are present with all The Community Cloud commands.  For example, /members to present the menu option , while /merchant will present the merchant settings option.
  • Members – select this and search for members by emails, phone or by name.
  • Community Post Topics – select this, and you are presented with topics 
  • Community posts – search for a community post.
  • Events – you got it, search for events,
  • Training
  • Services
  • Workshops 

Your picture quality now improved

Our team worked on this to improve the picture quality, so that now you can make high quality posts and keep your memories intact. 

We have had issues reported by our customers about the quality of pictures posted to the community portal were distorted and of poor quality.

Be it a post in community feed, display picture for members, login background screen, events, workshops or merchandise, you can now enjoy a high resolution image.

Same goes with the images that are saved in your media library, where you can access all the images posted in the past and re-use them whenever you want.

Product listing made easier

We took a hard look at our product/merchandise listing and decided to incorporate options for users to add new categories and types. 

If the product you are listing falls on the new category or type which you had not created before, you can now create them while adding the product on the portal. We believe this improves the user experience and saves time for our users.

Two new email templates can now be customized

If you have a closed community.  The Community Cloud will allow the member to register, complete their profile and view public information within your community.

We are delighted to announce that, for closed communities managers, the next time you log into the portal, you will be alerted that you have members awaiting verification. 

We have added two new email templates that you can customize to match your brand tone. Type /email in the search and select Email Templates.  Select email template id x for Member accepted and v for Member Rejected.