Q1 2020 – Member App Updates

This quarter the team as tasked with providing customers and its members with Co-Branded and branded member experiences for all accounts.  I am excited to share the three versions of a member app that we have created for you.

A Co-Branded app for your Community

The Community Member App offers a co-branded experience to your members.  Members download the Community Cloud app from their app store, enter a community key and the mobile app is in your community’s brand.

To create your community brand, you will need a transparent logo, background images for web and mobile login screens, and your primary and secondary brand colors.  Here’s how you create a community brand:

  1. Log into the Community Portal
  2. Click your profile image and type brand in the command
  3. The community cloud presents the Create Brand option.
  4. Select Create brand and complete the brand screen.
  5. Download the community cloud member app
  6. Type your community key and your member app experience is in your brand.

A Branded app for your Community

Communities can upgrade to an optional branded app at any time.  The Community’s app is listed in the app store, members can download it and enjoy your online community. 

Contact us to learn more.

A Branded app for your Network

For customers with two or more chapters, we have created a unique branded member experience for each chapter.  Members will download the Network app from the app store, enter their chapter key and the app transforms to that chapter’s brand.  A network app allows members to connect across chapters. 

Contact us to learn more.