Q1 2020 – Member Portal Updates

This quarter, we re-imagined existing features, and made enhancements that make it easier to complete common tasks used by Members, Professionals, and Administrators.   Here is a summary of the improvements we introduced this quarter.

Workshops Admin tab

Now, all administrative features are found under the admin tab of the workshop.   The tab has at a glance reporting of participant referrals, seating, and work order hours.  At a glance, you can see all the referrals made by everybody in the workshop, referrals made during the workshop, as well as referrals for the current week. 

we have implemented other navigational improvements to make it easier for your participants to access the workshop feed, view another participant profile, access documents and much more.

Community Tasks

Order your community tasks by deadline.  You can organize a task by dragging and dropping it to the due today, tomorrow, this week or upcoming time periods.  We have made it easier to add a task, simple type the task in the desired due period, click add to add it to your task list.  That’s it, simple right?

Payment History Report

WePay automatically deposits payments from your merchant account to your bank account whenever you tell them to.  Each WePay deposit includes many payments and this takes time when reconciling a deposit account. 

The payment history report was created to save you time when reconciling your bank accounts.  This report shows all payment, and payment attempts made within your selected reporting period and by which member.

Here’s how to run a report

  1. Click the profile
  2. Type payments in the search and the select Payment History
  3. Complete the report and view the results.

Professional Certifications

With this enhancement, when a professional is certified, they will automatically get an email that includes a custom message and a PDF attachment of the community certification.  You can also customize the email to match your community tone and messaging.

Post Announcements

Now, you can create an announcement, schedule when it will be visible to the community.   Your announcement will appear above all community posts on the feed.  A community can have one active announcement at a time.

Announcements can be created by logging into the community portal and making a post and selecting the announcement icon.  It’s simple.

Post Audiences

When making a post, you can choose the audience that can see your post.   Network Accounts can post to the Network, the community or to the public.  Non-Network accounts can post the community and the public.

A network post is visible to all members across all chapters or locations. A public post has a URL that you can copy and paste and allow people outside of the community to be a part of the conversation.

Global Search

We have added new search options to the global search.  Use the “@” symbol to lookup a member by name, email address or phone number.  Use “#” and a search string to find matching posts, or do a global search by typing any text, and the community cloud will return a list of members, groups, and posts that matches those criteria.