Q3 2019 – Release Updates

Cloud Community

A New Look

A picture paints a thousand words, and how-to video paints…I have no idea! We have enhanced the navigation and made it easier to perform common tasks. Watch this view for a summary of the changes.

Member Attributes

For Community Administrators, this video will give you an overview of the member profile enhancements, and the new member attribute feature. Now, you can add, edit, or remove member attributes, and decide what a member can choose to share or use for administrative purposes.

Professionals & Certifications

A Professional is a member of your community or organization that is allowed to perform service on behalf of your organization.

For communities that provide services, you can track who can perform a service on behalf of the community, and when the certification will expire. For example, training or tutoring organizations require instructors to complete an exam, training, or a number of prerequisites before they can deliver the service on behalf of the organization. The Community Cloud allows you to use or upload a certificate that is automatically awarded when certification is given.

Volunteer Requests

This new feature allows members to volunteer time for an event or workshop with one click. All requests are centrally managed by one or more team members.  

Add the Manage Volunteer Request permission to a user role or member, to allow team members or a single member to review, accept, reject, or renegotiate a member’s volunteer requests.  

Work Orders and Work Order Payments

This optional feature is for professional service organizations that provide a contracted service to a group or individual. It supports you with building a community around your service offering, and automate elements of the contract and payment processes.

This module allows an organization to finalize and electronically sign a contract with one or more representatives, and collect payment separately.

Work Orders

This is a new optional service that allows an organization to manage its new deal-workflow, deal collaborations, automatically generate contracts, electronically distribute and sign contracts, and create standard or special customer pricing in an easy and intuitive workflow.

Work Order Payments

This module also provides flexible work order payment options for 1-time or scheduled payments for your customer, or allow participants of the service to make individual payments.

For example, if your organization provides a contracted service to a group, and that group is a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a club, or an employer, you can now give your customers the option to collect payments from the Group representative, or directly from the group members.

The PTA can contract you for the service and elect to have the parents make payments directly to your organization for the service. You can also allow the parents to make a 1-time payment or to schedule recurring payments.

Cloud Community App

These months major improvements to The Community Member App were released to Google Play and the Apple App Stores.

Below is an overview of the release.  Click the icon to view a Community Center article that explains the improvements in detail.


Now members have the online community right in their palms. The new member app makes it easy for members to stay connected and share while on the go.

Access everything you need to know about your community option. From here members can:

  1. View Monthly Activities
  2. Access the Community Store
  3. View Community locations or Chapters
  4. Access the Member Directory
  5. Schedule an Appointment

Member Profile

The Member Profile is now 1 click away. From here, members can

  1. Share what’s happening with them
  2. Update their Community Profile
  3. View their purchase and RSVP history
  4. Access Workshop Promo codes
  5. View the workshops they have taken
  6. View Appointments they have made
  7. View meetings they have attended

Mobile and Web Chat

Most Social Media Platforms have a private and group chat feature. Now your online community does too.

Search for members, send a request and start chatting, exchange images, and videos too.

With Chat, Members can:

  1. Start a Private or Group Chat
  2. Send Images, files, or URLs to your favorite YouTube clip.
  3. Start a conversation on your mobile device and continue it from the community portal.

Professional App Updates

This month we launched the Community Professional app. This is an administrative app for community professionals, which is someone that provides services on behalf of the community.

Professionals can:

  1. View their appointments
  2. View the Community Calendar
  3. Search and Enroll members into a public workshop
  4. Access their private workshop assignments
  5. Take Workshop Attendance and upload sign-in sheets
  6. Record the pickup and drop off of a minor