The Perfect Organizational Tool For You

Parents, Volunteers, and Community Organizers: We’ve got some good news!

Do you head up your local charity?

Are you Team Parent for your child’s sports team?

Maybe you’re the leader of your neighborhood’s HOA, your fraternity or sorority, or your alumni organization.

No matter the group, anyone who leads an organization knows how collecting, managing, and sharing information with members is hard. But social networks have made it easy to share information what if you had your own social network, would it make your job easier?

That’s why we created The Community Cloud, an organizational management tool for groups like yours. A simple, easy platform for diverse groups of people to communicate, stay up-to-date and work towards common goals.

It’s web-based to be accessed from anywhere with Internet and can be updated real-time and seamlessly across users. No more mass emails and telephone trees. Plus, it’s affordable and maybe even FREE depending on the size of your organization.

With two main purposes, The Community Cloud: (1) makes it easy for you to plan and manage events and (2) helps you keep track of members and their interactions with your organization. In short, you can do everything you need, in one place and in a tool that’s designed just for you.

We’d like to invite you to try The Community Cloud for FREE by visiting our website.