October 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

Happy Halloween, 

For Halloween, we are giving Treats, no tricks. The first treat is an improvement to the f join the Community process, and this makes community shares a little a little easier. 

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for October:

Join Community

This enhancement makes it easier for website visitors to Join a Cloud Community as a Guest. 

Who does this impact?

  • Visitors

What is the impact?

When a website visitor clicks a website Call To Actions (CTA), then they are presented with the Join Community Wizard. 

  1. RSVP for an Event
  2. Buys Tickets
  3. Makes an appointment
  4. Check Out
  5. Join the Community
  6. Renew Membership

Community Shares – Group, event, and workshop

In this latest addition to the TCC features, members, guests and participants can now see all shares from the community, groups, events, and workshops.

Who does this impact?

  • Members that have joined a Community Group.
  • Members that are on an Event Guest List
  • Members that have registered for a Workshop

What is the impact?

  1. By Default, when viewing Community Shares, you will see community, event, or workshop shares when the following conditions are true:
    • All Community Shares with your membership level.
    • All Groups Shares for Groups that you have joined
    • All Event shares, for Events whose guest list’s you are on or a team member of.
  2. You can turn off Notifications and Share for Event Guests by turning off the Event Share Topic.
  3. You can turn off Notifications and Share for Workshops that you have participated in by turning off the Workshop Share Topic.
  4. You can turn off Notifications and Share for Groups that you have joined…you’ve guest it, by  turning off the Group Share Topic.
  5. We have added labels to a Community Share.  The label will tell you the source of the Share.
    • Events are colored …
    • Workshops are colored …
    • Groups are colored ….
    • Community labels are colored Orange. 

Minor Improvements:

  1. Default Membership Level Requirements can not be deleted.
  2. We have added default messages to Dashboard Components
  3. Improved the invite member screen.