October Release

Hello, Community Admins!

September has been a busy month for us as we continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests and Members.

We are excited to share what’s new and what’s changed for this month. Here they are:

>>Website Builder


A. “Go to Portal” floating icon 

Now there is a floating Community Cloud icon at the top right corner of the community website.  Simply click the icon and website visitors are taken to the login screen.

An admin or user with “Manage Website” permission can then choose the placement of the “Go to Portal” option as either Bottom Right, Bottom Left, or Top Right(default). 

B. Show Member’s Professional Title on the Listing page

A Community admin has the option to list either the member’s community designation or professional title. This provides better communication in the organization or group.

C. Customize Branding of Community Website

You can now customize your community website to (1) add a logo, (2) select primary and secondary colors, and (3) set font styles. This will provide the branding you want your community to experience.

>>Community Portal 


A. Profile Page Design Update 

To provide more branded experiences, we have come up with a new design for the ff. profile pages:

  1. My(or User) Profile – This is for the user to manage their profile information. They can decide what they want to make public with the community and groups. 
  2. Member Directory Profile – This is for community members that have access to the directory. They see public information about a member.
  3. Professional Directory Profile – This is for community members to view professional profiles and book time with people that provide a service on behalf of the business or community.
  4. Manage Members Profile – This is used by community administrators to manage members information. 

B. Rename Option to Membership Level Members

Every Cloud Community has a Guest and Member default membership levels that until now could not be renamed. 

With this update, Community Admins can rename these membership levels and this change will appear throughout the portal and website. 


A. Membership Level Reminders 

Reminders are automated messages that promote a member to move to a higher membership level so that they can get more access and rewards.  

We support two (2) types of messages: (1) an email or (2) a personal share or post.  Both can be scheduled to send minutes, hours, or days after the member has attained the access level.

>>Business Directory:

A. Synchronize Vendor and Business profiles

When a vendor adds an offering, it will appear in the business directory profile of that vendor.

>>Private Marketplace:

A. Set up for a Vendor Account

Community Vendors will receive an email with instructions to set-up and access their Vendor account. The Vendor account will allow them to list their offerings on the Private Marketplace.