November Release

Hello, Community Admins!

We continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests and Members.

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for November:

>>Community Portal 


  1. Workshop Registration Status

Prior to this change, when a Workshop Registration was put into a final status of completed or withdrawn, it could not be updated.  

With this update, Community Administrators or a user with the Manage Workshop permission can now change a Workshop Registration Status from  “withdrawn” or “completed” to any other status. 

B. Manage Members and the Global Search

Last month we introduced two improvements to save time.

Global Search – Before this change, Community Administrators or users with the Manage Member permission, could search for active and inactive members.

Now, the Global will only show active members.

Business Directory Management –  Community Administrators can save time when managing business and member profiles. We have added Business Profile management to the Manage Member feature.

  1. Click the manage member icon from the Global Nav
  2. Click Businesses and you are presented with a list of Business Directory profiles.

From this page you can search for a business by name, filter them by status, industry, or publish and unpublish a directory listing.

C. Membership Levels Aliases

Each Cloud Community has the following default membership levels that could not be renamed or deleted.  Remember,  you can add additional membership levels as needed.

Now, Community Administrators can set an alias for default membership levels.

When you set the Membership Level Alias, that is the name that will be shown within the community portal and on the Membership Level component.  

What’s New

A. Campaigns, Message Templates, and Messages

For this release, we introduce the concept of Campaigns, Messages, and Message Templates.


A Campaign is a series of personalized messages that are automatically sent when a user reaches a new level of membership. This can be as a Guest, a Member, a Professional, an Administrator, or any custom membership level.  

To learn how to access campaigns in your Community Portal, click here.

Message Templates

A Message Template is reusable text that is copied into a message. The Message Template can then be customized according to an organization’s needs, or a new template can be created.

To learn how to access, edit and create campaign templates, click here.


In this release, a campaign message can be in the form of an email, or a Member Share.  In future releases, the campaign message type will include text messages, personal social media posts or a whatsApp message.

Each Membership Level has a campaign.  The default membership levels (Guest, Member, Professional, and administrator) have default messages that you can customize.

To learn how to edit and add a Campaign Message, click here.