May Releases

Hello again, our dear community Admins!

May has been quite a busy month for us as we continued to improve the Cloud Community experience  This release summarizes what has been added, removed, and improved in the Cloud Community experience.  

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What’s New?

Custom Webpage IFrame Components

We’ve also made it possible to create an iframe component where Members can upload any embedded code. Once the component loads, the embedded code will be shown in the website.

What’s improved?

The features we’ve added for the month of May focuses mainly on media, setting up a virtual meeting, and allowing you to map out Member profiles.

Here’s the full scope of the improvements made to the Cloud Community Experience.  

Media Library

[Insert picture of media library]

Multimedia Content is a critical tool when telling the story of the community that surrounds your offerings.  You can now store video files and links to content stored with 3rd party services like YouTube for example.   

Virtual Meeting

[ insert create meeting page]

Setting up meetings within the portal is already live and easy to access. However, we’ve tweaked it a bit more to help activity creators to differentiate meeting details. 

Basically, you can now say whether a meeting is happening virtually or physically in the location. This can help you clearly communicate to your community Members how and where the meeting will commence.

Member Import

(Insert Photo)

We’ve also updated the Member Import that can help you map and set Member profiles to their Membership level, so you won’t have to do the manual setup.

Design Tweaks

We’ve also done a few changes that your community Members will find useful.

Firstly, we moved the Chat Icon to the Main Menu, meaning the Icon should appear as soon as you or your Members log in on the TCC Portal, you can instantly see the Chat Icon listed as a module. Once you click on it, you would see the chat content area and your Chat Profile would be highlighted as Active.

We also organized Members’ Profile Menu, so they could easily perform vendor-related activities.

Meanwhile, the Marketplace icon is now found in the first-level navigation for easy access.

Further design changes we have made for May is as follows:

  • Visitors get a better presentation when viewing members content type of the website
  • The Event Details page has been redesigned.
  • In the Kanban Board, we’ve renamed New to To Do.

Shares New Design

We’re also glad to announce that the May release includes a new Share design, and you can see the changes once you view the community Shares.

Here are the changes when you make a Share:

  • Share dialog appears when you click to make a Share.
  • When you attach a movie to Share, you will see the thumbnail image.
  • When you attach a file to Share, you will see the thumbnail image.
  • When you attach a photo to Share, you will see the thumbnail images, as well as an option to View More when you have shared more than three photos.

Here are more changes you should note:

  • When you’re viewing the make a Share dialog and you accidentally click outside of the dialog, it will not close.
  • To close the make a Share dialog, you must click the Close Window action.
  • You can tag a community Member when creating a Share by typing @ first. You will then be presented with a list of Member names, allowing you to click on the person you want to tag.

When Shares is turned off or a Guest or Member is unable to see Shares, they will be presented with their Profile instead.


Community Guests and Members can now view meeting documents that have a status of Ready and Publish.

Besides that, you may have also noticed that the Add button from the Document page has been removed. Instead, you can now use the Quick Add to add any documents you want to share with your community.


Lastly, we have also made a couple of updates for community Guests.

Firstly, they would now be shown a loading page that should make the redirecting look more professional. And secondly, Guests could also check the Professionals listed in the Directory, allowing both Guests and Members to book their time.