March 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

We continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests, and Members.

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for March:

Enhancement: Component Library Gamification 

Gamification is a hot thing in website design, so what upgraded each website component to have a small animation when a component loads. .

Who’s impacted?

  • Content Editors 
  • Community Visitors 

What’s the impact?

  1. When the Content Editor or the Community Admin loads a page in the website builder, then each page component loads with a gamification animation.
  2. When the Website Visitor loads a webpage in its Browser, then each page component on the page loads with a gamification animation.
  • All Website 

Enhancement: Community Member Invite 

Thank you Community Admin’s for your feedback!!  

With this enhancement, when a person is invited to Join a Community Location, profile verification is no longer needed. Now, set your profile r

Yeah, so having to confirm a community members access after you have invited them, is 

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admin
  • Community Invitee 

What’s the impact?

  • When a Community Admin invites someone to join the Community, then they must provide an email address and the membership level.
  • When the Community Invitee receives the invite, then they must complete their community profile and are automatically added to the Community in the given Role.

Enhancement: Community Groups

This is the first of a series of enhancements to Community Groups.  We have streamlined the Group Detail page, and want to share some best practices when creating Group descriptions. 

has gotten a new look and feel.  We simplified the group detail page for easier group management and accessible information display.

Who’s impacted?

  • All Community Members with View Group Permission.

What’s the impact?

  • When any Community Members view the Group Detail, then they will see the refined page.  Yup, that’s it 🙂
  • When a Community Admin creates a group, we recommend using the following outline as the group description:
    • Which members can  Join?
    • What is this Group About?
    • Who Should Join?
    • What Group Members get?
    • What Group Members give?

New Feature: Recurring Events

Save time with Recurring Events.  Now you can create a recurring event and each date occurrence will appear on the Community or Group Calendar.  You can delete an event date, and edit the recuring event series.

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admin
  • Members will Create Event Permission.

What’s the impact?

  1. When creating an Event and you select more, then you can see the Repeats option.
  2. When you select a report option, then you are guided through the process of completing a recurrence Sequence.
  3. With this enhancement Events now have the following recurrence sequences:
    1.  Daily,
    2. Weekly,
    3. Monthly
    4. Yearly

Enhancement: Community Account Brand Managements

Last month we made it easier to set the brand by a Location, guess what we did this month?

GIve up?

Now you can apply branding to all locations within an account. You can now set a location brand for the current location or all locations within the account so that it’s easier to access and follow your organization’s branding guidelines.

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admins 
  • Community Members with the Managed Account brand permission.

What’s the impact?

  • When making a branding change and the user has the “Account Branding“ permission, then they are presented with the apply branding confirmation.
  • When users select all locations, then  the current Location’s branding colors, logos, cover images, and fonts from all locations will be applied under that account.

New Feature: Community Advocates  Advocate

After working with some customers, we realized that there was a need for a new Community persona.  This persona is a member of the Community and is an advocate for the community.  So, we have added the concept of a Community Advocate, and updated the Community Member website builder content type to now display advocates.

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admins
  • Community Members with the Manage Member Permission.

What’s the impact?

  1. When viewing the member’s profile tab in Manage members, then you will see the “Is Community Advocate” option
  2. When this option is turned on for a Member and the Community Website is using the Member Content, then the member will appear on the website.

We have fixed the following issues errors this month:

Training Detail Screen bug and enhancement

We have resolved the issue when writing a text on the training detail showing as Html.

Rename the Account and General Setup page to Location Preferences

The error in the search settings that are showing Account instead of Local Preferences

has been resolved.

Broken Images

We fixed the error of the broken images of the attendees. We also changed prototype attendees’ content to meeting attendees.

Workshop in training detail not same as workshop list

We fixed this issue. Now the training detail’s workshop list is the same as the offerings workshop list.

Able to change the account holder’s role

We resolved this issue. Now admins or users alike cannot change the account holder’s role, access level, title, and status unless they are not set or empty.

The login page expires issue.

This issue has been fixed.