march is navigation

That’s right, March is Navigation!

With this release, we shifted focus from features to Cloud Community users, who are your Customers or Members.  The features and improvements make it easier for them to navigate, engage and spend with you. 

Here is a summary of each user’s enhanced Cloud Community experience.

Guests and Members

Anyone that accesses a cloud community is a Guest or a Member.  Guests have a community profile, and their access is limited to only public content, groups, and public pricing.  In addition to Guest access, Members have membership level access to Content, Groups, Member profiles, and discount pricing.  

Here is a summary of Guest and Member features and improvements released this month.


Community Managers perform administrative actions on behalf of the Community.  With this release we have improved several administrative features.  

Relationship Management

The management of Customer or Member data is a critical and time-consuming responsibility of Community Managers.  With the features and improvements included in this release, we are making your jobs a little easier.

Manage Members

We have improved this feature to allow you quickly find and perform administrative tasks.  From here you can change a member’s status, update profiles and purchases.

Import Members

We gave the member import process a facelift and made it easier.  It is now 3 easier steps and created these how-to videos.

Community Activities

An Activity is anything that appears on the Community Calendar, that can be an Event, a Meeting, a Project, or a Workshop. We have streamlined the quick add menu to show the features that you mostly use.