June Releases

Hi Community Admins!

As we reach the halfway point of 2021, we stay focused on the refinement of the Cloud Community experience.

This month’s update will use a format to clearly and quickly communicate the change, the impact, and the affected party, the Community Admin, Members, or guests.  

With that, here it is the may release.  


Capability: Community Marketplace

[ insert image of the marketplace]

Impact:  Perhaps the most exciting capability we have added in a while.  The Community Marketplace allows members to list and sell their business offerings direct to the membership with no additional management overhead to your organization.

Create a new membership level or add the Marketplace Membership requirement to an existing membership level and allow members to sell directly to your audiences without giving away your membership data.

To learn more about this feature, join the monthly webinar or contact our product management team for a Demonstration.


Here is a summary of the Cloud Community features and how this release impacts your ability to administer a Cloud Community. 

Feature: Community Setup

[insert image of setup screen]

Impacts: We’ve tooltips that explain what Shifts are and how they work in a Cloud Community.

Feature: service offerings

[insert Create Service screen ] 

Impact: when editing or updating a service offering you can upload an ICON that represents a service offering and organize your services into types and categories. It could be an hourly service, by which you can add Service hours; or it could be a session type, enabling you to add session rates and duration icons.

feature: Community Activities

What’s impacted: We have also made some changes with how you create Meetings. With the June release, you can now create a Meeting without having to create a Meeting document. When you press Cancel when you’re presented with the Meeting document screen, you will then be redirected to the Activity screen where you can create the newly created Meeting on the Calendar.

Plus, activity creators and Managers can now re-order agenda items for an agenda section. This should make planning a meeting easier for you and your community members.

Here are more changes we’ve done for you! Capability: Member Management 

[Merge Member Screen]

Feature:  Merge Members

Impact: When can now merging two or more Member profiles into one, then all household members are also consolidated.

Capability: community Activities 

Feature: Add Status to create Event – 

Impact: when  editing or creating a new event, the Status will be a required field, and by default, it is valued as a Draft. Nevertheless, you can click the tooltip for the Status, it would show the following messages:

  • Draft – The Event is only visible to the creator, Activity Manager, and administrator
  • Published – The Event is visible to community Members and Guests
  • Archived – The Event will not be shown on the Community Portal or Website. It will only be seen by the creator, Activity Manager, and administrator.

New Account Information – The following will now happen after a new account has been created:

  1. When a new account is created, there will be a new Group called the “new member” Group.
  2. When a new account is created, there will be a new training called “new Member Orientation,” and a workshop scheduled 45 days in the future.
  3. When a new account is created, there will be a new event called “New Member Party” that is scheduled 45 days in the future.
  4. When a new account has the Business Directory listed, then there is a Product called “Membership Directory Listing for $4.95 per month.”

Change Time Picker – When you create or edit an activity, you can now select the time for the Event. Once you change the start date, the end date will also be updated based on your modification. The same goes for when you change the start time.

Capability: member management

Feature: Custom Member  Attributes 

impact: With the lookup field type you set predefined options that can be chosen with populating the attribute.  For example, use a lookup field to allow members to tell why they joined your Cloud Community.

Capability: member management 

[ membership level mapping screen]

Feature: member profile import

Impact: when importing a member profile with existing membership levels, you can map them to a Cloud Community membership level. 

Guests and Members

Here are enhancements to the Cloud Community experience that adds value to the community experience you are cultivating.

We have updated the Referal or Family  Tree and Members and Guests can make a service booking with or without payment.