June 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

Our new saying is, Community, Reinvented!   Watch out for more information.  Follow us on Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about our branding. 

We continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests and Members.

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for June:

Enhancement: Product Offerings

Working with products is easier and more fun than ever. Well, at least we think so…LMAO, yeah, I know, we are Community Geeks

Anyway, now you can add a product, select the size and color options and the Cloud Community will create unique SKUs for each.

Who does this impact?

  • Community Admins
  • Content Editors

What is the impact?

1. When creating a product, you now have default colors and sizes to  choose from..

Enhancement: Community Projects

Do you want to see all the community projects displayed on the projects page? Well you’re in luck. Your wish is our command!

Who does this impact?

  • Community Admins 
  • Community Members

What is the impact?

  • More Project Cards – When viewing  community projects kanban board, you can see the redesigned Community Project Cards.  
  • New Project Card – this card shows the Product Name, Due Date, % Complete, and Project Manager.
  • Project Status Card -In addition to what is shown on the New Project Card, you can see:
    • project health (I)
    • Color status for scope, schedule, budget, and quality
    • A card border
  • Blue – exceeds expectations 
  • Green – meets expectations 
  • Yellow – expectations are recoverable
  • Red – expectations will not be Met
  • Project Priority – Stake Rank project cards to communicate priority.  The highest priority card appears at the top of the list and the least priority appears at the bottom of the list.

New Feature: Event Sessions

Another exciting update for Visitors, Guests and members! You can now view the sessions for an Event from the website. Now Community Visitors have a little  more details about the Event.

Who does this impact?

  • Community Visitors
  • Community Admins
  • Community Members 

What is the impact?

  1. Website visitors that  view  the event detail will  see an  event sessions options.  From here they can start the process of RSVPing for a session, purchasing a ticket, or Joining the community.
  2. Community Members who view an event after logging into the portal can view event sessions too.
  3. Community Members that have registered for an event can RSVP for the event session.  To RVSP, you must be logged into the Community.
  4. When you have RSVP’ed for a session, you will have access to the session Details that includes:
  • Name
  • RSVP with values Yes, Maybe
  • Location – this value is a string
  • Documents
  • Live Stream

Enhancement: Community Roles & Permissions 

We have expanded the definition of Community by adding the Content Editor Community role.  The Content Editor role represents someone within your team that is solely focused on keeping the website up to date, and the management of Community Resources, like Shares, Activities, Group, …, etc.

Who does this impact?

  • Community Admins 

What is the impact?

When dividing community responsibilities between team members, you can assign the Community Role of Content Editor without assigning the larger community roles like Community Admin or Professional.  

Better yet, you totally avoid having to create custom Community Roles.  By default the Content Editor role can: 

  1. Update Website Content  
  2. Manage the community calendar
  3. Manage Community Resources like documents, shares, …, etc.
  4. Manage access levels 
  6. Add Documents.

Enhancement: Workshop Management 

If you’ve worked with workshop discount codes, then there has been a moment when you wanted to know who has used that discount code, right?

Well, I have some good news and some not so good news.  Let’s start with the good news.  with this update, now you can.  The not so good news, this report is not retroactive.  In others, this report is not available for workshop enrollments created before 7/1/2022.

Who does this impact?

  • Community Admins 
  • Content Editors 

What is the impact?

  1. You can now check the list of enrollees that used the discount coded when enrolling to the community cloud.
  2. You can now extract reports of enrollees. Report should show:
  • organization user name and email
  • workshop name
  • training name

Enhancement: Meeting Activities

One guarantee in product development is that you will not always get it right the first time.  But when you are in a  community you have space to work through it until you…well, within reason of course.

That is the case with Community Meetings.  If you love having meetings then, these updates are for you.  If you are like our product team, then they are a necessary evil and a great way to maintain alignment .

Well, let’s get to it… 

Who does this impact?

  • Community Admins 
  • Community Members
  • Community Users

What is the impact?

After creating an Activity of type meeting, then you are presented with the meeting Agenda Wizard and are guided through the process of not creating an agenda, creating a new Agenda, or creating a new by copying an old one. ed with the  following messages and options:

  1. Do you want to create the Agenda now?
  1. Great, do you want to copy an old agenda or create a new one?
  1. Select & Preview Agenda screens

We have fixed the following issues/errors this month:

HTML tags appear in meeting name

This issue is fixed, and it’s now working

Product Filter does not have sub category

This issue is fixed, and it’s now working

Update Default Subscriptions should be executed with no error


Member Notifications were not being sent via email, browser and push.  This bug is to enable these notifications and to retire email notifications that have been replaced by automatic shares.