January Release

January 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

We continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests and Members.

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for January:

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A. Account Access Levels

Last month, we introduced a new community concept called Access levels.  Access levels are used to control what community resources a Member has access to.  

Members are provisioned access through a membership level, and community resources are assigned an access level.

Members see Community Resources that have the same or lower access level.

When designing community access, here are some rules:

  1. The following community resources can be assigned an Access Level
    2. Member Directory Profiles
    3. Groups
    4. Documents
  1. Access levels are granted to Members through a Membership level.  The Role assigned to a membership level determines what a member can do and the access level defines what Community Resources they can see.
  2.  An Access Level can be assigned to many Membership levels.  This means that you can sell different levels of membership that use the same access level.

Who has access to this feature?

By default, community admins have access to this feature.

Is there a new permission?

Yes. The new permission is called Account level access and is assigned to the community administrator role by default.

What’s changed with this new concept?

  • When creating a Community Resource the Membership Level has been renamed to access level.
  • When working with the member summary page of Member Management now shows access level and membership level.  Changing the members’ access level does not change the membership level and visa versa.

Note: A separate feature will be created to support Custom Access levels.