I want to start a Cloud Community or Membership Site

  • I have an existing following via Instagram, YouTube, or a podcast and wants to launch their own community or a membership site.  
  • I have a Facebook Group and wants to (finally) migrate somewhere new or offer a special “VIP” community or program outside of their Facebook Group. 
  • I want one place in my brand where I can offer my services and engage my audiences, customers or members. 
  • I have a static website and an email list that they realize can be turned into something so much more dynamic and awesome if they shift it into becoming a community.  

If any one of these scenarios describe you, then you are most definitely in the right place!

What’s special about The Community Cloud?

What makes The Community Cloud different from a Discourse, Slack, Might Networks, or anything else available, it is the way that it connects your people not just to you, your content, and your offering, but to each other–in one place, under your brand, across every platform.  

As your community grows with members or engagement, your people will find more value.  Unlike social media groups, you have 100% access to each and every one of your members, and your members have tools that spark connections and conversations between them, allowing them to build relationships with each other, not just you.  

It’s the same underlying dynamic that defines Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Airbnb.  Only creator-sized–meaning you can apply the same principles to growing your own digital business.

How cool is that?

What’s the best way to explore a Cloud Community?

There are 3 ways to explore The Community Cloud:

  1. Get started with a free account. Create a Marketplace or start a free trial with our Community Plan. 
  2. Join the Community Center.  This is a resource for community leaders.  We recommend several popular articles specifically designed for people who already have a community and how-to articles to maximize your cloud community. 
  3. Join a Webinar.  Register and join our monthly webinar where one of our community experts can share the latest enhancements and helpful tips to grow your online community.