About Us

What we do

For 10 years we used custom software to help Clients in markets that were challenged by the pressures of digital transformation.


As a response to COVID-19, we transitioned from a service business to a product business. Custom software is risky, expensive, time-consuming, and requires expertise that many clients do not have in house. We got bored solving the same kind of integrated payment and engagement problem. So, in 2020, we transitioned to The Community Cloud.

The Community Cloud is a community platform that makes it easier to combine small business processes and consolidate multiple audiences in one place – with less risk, cost, and time than custom software.


Our culture is our DNA.  We express it as ways of being, that we happily share with you here:

  1. Be the Customer – We do not build software solutions for ourselves; we build them for our customers.
  2. Be Iterative – Innovation is not a Urika moment, it’s a process of learning from unintended outcomes.
  3. Be inclusive – Our experience has shown us that when you have a group with different backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and life experiences focused on one solution, then innovative stuff happens.
  4. Be Impactful– Create opportunities for groups to connect, give back, and pay it forward.