August 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

This month, we decided to start off with a Share.


So here goes…we love Kanban boards, and all things Agile!  

That’s Random right? Well, not so much.  The theme of this month’s releases are rooted in the share, Agile and Kanban boards. Before we get into those, let’s start by talking about what’s coming soon. 

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for August:

Coming Soon

New Member Registration

We are working on platform improvements to make the member registration process easier.  In the coming months, you will see incremental improvements to the Community website.  The improvements will make it easier for a website visitor to become a Community Guest.

Website offerings will display the public and guest level pricing.  There will be a call to action to become a member and receive a membership discounted price on the purchase.  

No More Static Passwords

As a reminder, we are getting rid of Static Passwords, and replacing them with One Time Passwords (OTP) and social media authentication.  The last day to use a status password will be 11/31/2022.

Enhancement : Manage Members 

For Community Managers of Cloud Community Accounts with more than one location, you can now add and remove  members from a location, and customize the member’s access rights, and profile for a location.

How you may ask…lol…well, we hope you did. Its all in the way that you will Manage Members.  Now, a member can be a professional in one location, and a Community Admin in another location, or visa versa.

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admin

What’s the impact?

  1. The Manage Members page got a few enhancements.  Now you can see member profiles from all locations, a new action menu, and a menu item called the Manage Locations.
  2. When you click the Manage Location icon, then you have access to the Location Manager screen.  From this screen, you can grant or revoke a member’s access to an account location. 
  3. Each section of the members profile has a location filter. When you select the filter you are viewing that member’s profile for the selected location. 
  4. You can now manage business directory profiles from Manage Members too.

Enhancement: Community Projects 

We love Kanban boards and all things Agile.  

There, we said it! So, with this release installment, project Managers can now add an Kanban Board Flag to a Project and Task card.  Kanban board flags are used to alert team members and stakeholders to an event that hinders progress.

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admins
  • Community Members
  • Community Tasks Owners
  • Community Project Managers

What’s the impact?

  1. When viewing the project board you will see a menu for each card
  2. When clicking the menu, you will see an option called Add Flag
  3. When clicking Add Flag, then the card colors changes to red
  4. When clicking the menu of a flagged card, you will see an option Remove Flag
  5. When clicking remove flag, then the card color changes to the standard color.

We have fixed the following issues/errors this month:

Export / Member Filters


When clicking create filter, it is not working


This is fixed:

  • When clicking the create filter, you will be presented with the create filter page.
  • When clicking an existing filter, you can see the filter detail.

Change membership expire date from Manage Member


Cannot change the membership expiration date.


This is fixed. 

While changing membership level from Manage Member, Admins (user with Manage Member) can now set/change membership expiry date.