August Release

Hi, community admins!

It’s that time of the month again when we share the changes we did to the Cloud Community experience. As always, we have been busy tweaking and adding features to improve the Community experience.

With that being said, we’re excited to let you know everything that’s new with the August release:

What’s New

We are always rethinking what we can do to make your work easier. This month, we decided add these new features:

Member Invite

You can now choose the Membership Level when inviting a Member. Once you input the email address of a Member that has completed their profile, you will see a message saying so.


The referral notifies a Member if their invited Guest has signed up for the platform. It will also show you where your Members have heard of you, and who made the most impact in your Community.

Once the referred Member chooses your name or input your email address or number that is saved on the database, they will appear in your Referral Tree.

What’s New for Administrators

In this release we focused on the Member Management, Website Builder, and ways to improve community Collaboration.

Member Management 

Profile Check

When viewing the Manage Members page, Members that have completed their Profile will have a Green check beside their email address.

Resend the member invite by selecting one or more members and pressing send invite from the floating menu.

Roles & Permissions 

Chat is a new permission that grants Members access to the Community Chat feature. By default this is on for Members and turned off for Guests.

Website Builder

This month we made navigation easier, added some SEO features and added 6 new components. 

Builder Menu

We have moved all navigation to the builder menu and made pages the default.  From the Builder Menu you can access 

  • Pages – this is your website pages 
  • Menu – view and select the menu you want to use on your website.
  • Preferences – select to display the portal login and other options
  • Branding – Set your logo, colors and fonts
  • Social Media – add your social media page, and Welcome Screens.
Builder Pages

Improve search engine rankings with keywords and metadata. Click Page Preferences to access it.

Also, on the Member page template, you now have the option to display member’s Community or Professional title.

Builder Components 

Membership Level 

The new Membership level component allows you to communicate the various benefits of certain Membership levels. Once you add the component, you can edit the benefit name, the description, and check the Membership level to which the benefit is associated.

4 Benefits

Under the Features category, the 4 Benefits component that allows you to highlight the benefits of joining your Community as a Member. You can edit the number of cards in increments of 2 and choose up to 8 cards in total. You can also edit the card title (heading 2), the button, card image, title, and card description.

Timeline Component

The Timeline component can now be customized, so you can now add as many achievements as you want to show off. Moreover, the events would now appear from left to right.

Sponsor Component

You can also add a Sponsor component to highlight companies and people that are supporting your Community. You can choose the number of images, and they would appear as logos of TCC by default. But, you can edit the image and the title.



When you change the image of a workshop, training, event, product or group, the community will talk about it in a Share. Don’t worry, we will ask you first. Click yes and the Cloud Community will share it, or No to keep it quiet.

Activity Teams

We have added the concept of teams to an activity. Team members are Community Members that will support the Community Activity.  

You can Add or remove members, assign tasks, and invite them to activity meetings. 

What’s new for Members?

Profile Wizard

When you invite someone to join your Cloud Community they will be guided through the registration process.  Guests can register with an email or their social media account.

Here’s a quick video you can share with new Community Members.  

Chat Permission

Chat is now a benefit of Membership. By default, Guests will no longer have access to chat. If you do not want this, turn in the Chat permission for Guest security role.

Activity Teams

Each calendar activity type has a concept of a Team.  When you add a member to a Team that can perform administrative tasks.  

Community Share

Your Members might see more Alerts coming from you, especially when you update Community Offerings often, so communicating with them the change would help them understand why it’s important to keep them updated on every little change you make with regards to the Events.