April 2022 Release

Hello, Community Admins!

We continue to improve the Cloud Community experience for you, your Visitors, Guests, and Members.

Here is what’s new and what’s changed for April:

Enhancement: Network Branding 

Last month we made it easier to set branding across all Locations within an Account.  Can you Guess what we did this month?

GIve up?

Well, it’s Network Branding. With Network branding, you can branding across all accounts within a network, so that it’s easier to access and follow your organization’s branding guidelines.

Who’s impacted?

  • Account Admins
  • Network Admins

What’s the impact?

  • When the Account or Network Admin sets the branding Network, then they can apply the branding to all Accounts within the Network. 
  • When setting the brand, admins can put the logo, primary and secondary colors, and fonts and apply them to the website, portal, or both.

Enhancement: Sponsorship Components Updates 

This one is quick and easy.  When using the sponsorship component, you can not set the URL, so that a website visitor can click the sponsor’s logo and be taken to a related webpage.

Told you it was quick!

Who’s impacted?

  • Community Admin
  • Content Editors 

What’s the impact

  • When adding the sponsorship component, each row can support up to eight (8) sponsors per row.
  • When adding a sponsor’s logo, you can not define an URL.

Enhancement: Account Locations

Community Locations has a new look, and some new features to boot!

Along with the location map, the page has the Location widget.  The location widget has a search and each listed location, the Community Member can find the selected locaiton on the map or switch to the new location

Who’s impacted?

  • All Community Members

What’s the impact

  • Any Community Members can now search for locations on the Location’s website.
  • When I move my Account, 
  • When a Community member mouses over the Location card, then they can see the following options:
    • Join Location – when selected, a join request is sent to the selected location.
    • Switch Location – Communicatie members can switch Account Locations
    • Locate on map – 
  • If users are registered in membership level of Member,  a message “You are being added to this location with a membership level of Member. Contact the location and manage to change your membership.“ will be displayed in the success response.

We have fixed the following issues/errors this month:

Updated sponsor component to list eight max

Before, the sponsor component only supported seven max.  We upgraded it to show 8 on 1 row. 

View Agenda is not working.

We have resolved this issue, and it is now working and any on the list can now view:

  • creator/organizer
  • secretary 
  • presenter
  • Attendees

Share Agenda is not working.

We fixed this issue, and it’s now working.

Create Meeting 

We have fixed the error when creating a Community, Group, Event, and Workshop Meeting that doesn’t display the attendee option. We removed The Add Attendee option and replaced it with meeting attendees instead. 

Select Presenter

We have resolved the issue where admins and users alike cannot add a presenter if the presenter doesn’t have an email. We removed the email, not the empty filter. You can now add Presenters even if they don’t have an email.

Unable to see RSVP Responses

  1. We have fixed the issue when viewing the meeting details. You can now see the number of attendees attending, not attending, and not responding.
  2. We have renamed Attendees to RVP Responses, and you can now view and access:
  • List RSVP Status as
  • Total Sent
  • Pending
  • Attending
  • Not Attending

Emails sent from the community cloud, not account domain

We fixed the issue of the emails sent from Thecommunitycloud.com going to spam. 

Create a Share is not working.

This issue is fixed, and it’s now working