April Release

Hi Community Leaders!

 The month of April is all about adding value to the community experience and to your offerings 

What’s New?

Community Directory

We have retired the member feature and replaced it with the Community Directory and added the concept of Professionals and Businesses.


A professional is a person that represents the business operations behind the Community.  They can accredit Members and can accept appointments for services on behalf of the organization.


monetize business relationships with a private or public list of businesses whose services you share with your community Guests or paying Members.  We have made it easier to generate advertising revenue without selling your Guest or Member data.

Contact is today to learn more about the business directory.

What’s changed?

Quick Add option

We have added the quick add option [insert icon here] to the global navigation to centralize and focus the process to create any community resource. 

When you click the quick add, you are shown the resources that you are allowed to create. 

Meetings and Meet-ups 

[ Insert meeting activity screen]

We have streamlined the process of creating, planning, conducting, sharing, and tracking meeting outcomes. 

With this release, the benefits are:  

  1. Save Time when creating meetings by providing the information you need to create a meeting.  Press the more option to customize a meeting.
  2. Meeting collaboration – now you can assign members meeting roles and they will be notified and can collaborate to the meeting before, during, and after the meeting.  Here are the new Meeting Roles:  
    1. Organizers – 
    2. Contributors –
    3. Participants – 
    4. Recorders – 
  3. Meeting Documents – we have enhanced the screens to create a meeting agenda and meeting documents.

Projects Status

[insert screen of a status]

We have provided a common and consistent way to track and report the status of the work that the community is doing.  

When creating a project status you can assign a traffic light system to report the health of projects, schedule, budget, scope, and quality.