Engaging Members Starts with Accurate Member Management

For groups like volunteer, charity, church, alumni and non-profit organizations, one of the biggest challenges is sometimes the simple function of knowing your members. By that, I mean having an updated membership list with accurate information on each member so you know who your members are and which ones are actively engaged. You need to start from an informed place before you can motivate your engaged members and reach out to those who are stagnant.

For non-profits seeking donations, you want to maximize your efforts by knowing who has donated what and in response to which campaign—so you can target people in the right ways for the most effective outreach. You can also customize your outreach to ensure your donors feel valued and respected. For your volunteer group, you want to know who is really joining in and who is most likely to do which assignments.

Whether you’re seeking donations or volunteers or information, you will do better with an active view of current levels of engagement.

This article from Michael J. Brennan offers a very simple view of engagement:

Engagement = Relationship + Action

We love this equation because it’s easy to understand, yet powerful. First, you need a relationship, and quality member management to help you track that relationship. Second, you work on calling the members to act. Once they do, they’re engaged and you can continue to leverage your engaged members to make things happen.

The Community Cloud offers member management that, like the equation above, is both easy and powerful. You can track years of membership, organization roles, dues, membership status, level of engagement, and member interactions. Then you can use your membership list to send news and announcements or plan events, all within the same tool.

The Community Cloud is designed to provide member-based organizations with everything they need to manage members, events, and organization calendars in one place. It’s free to try, so we invite you to visit our website now to see how easy it is to get started and to learn if The Community Cloud can take your organization to the next level.